Neatly packaged video courses to work through at your own pace

Introduction to The Universal Ways of Oneness

These 20 sacred decrees are offered as gifts to those who are ready to elevate their level of consciousness to the highest level of Oneness Consciousness, which connects you to your true source of divine power. By working with The Ways of Oneness, you'll gain the ability to anchor in & activate these Light energy frequencies inside of yourself & use them to alchemize negative emotional energies as they arise in real time. Now that humanity is moving out of a dark age & elevating into a new Golden Age, this roadmap of how to get there is needed. The 20 Universal Ways of Oneness IS that roadmap.

This course is an introduction to the 20 Universal Ways of Oneness, the most elevated enlightened vibrational frequencies that are being offered to the planet & all beings on earth.

** Includes 16 video classes (1.5 hours EACH totaling over 24 hours of instruction)
** Includes a workbook to guide you through the learning process

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Awakening to Oneness:

ARE YOU READY? To break free from the cycle? Stuck in survival mode, running endlessly on the hamster wheel of life, seeking deep, lasting solutions, only to find temporary fixes? You're not alone in feeling fed up with a system that seems designed to hold us back from our true potential and joy. It's time for a real change. It's time to heal, elevate, and become a force of transformation in a world that desperately needs it.

ONLY $44.44 for OVER 2 HOURS of Transformational Teachings and Energetic Healings Direct from Rachel Fiori


This isn't just another event. It's a beacon for change, a gathering of souls ready to unlock the highest frequencies of being and dismantle the negative patterns that bind us.

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How To Open Your Heart: Online Energetic Workshop

With Certified Mystical Coaches of Oneness™, Ellie Lee & Danny Morley

Falling in love with yourself is an energetic process. It takes willingness and devotion which begins with learning how to open your heart.  

This 1 hour digital course covers:

  • How to energetically connect and open your heart center
  • The fundamentals of subtle-energies
  • The healing power of the heart
  • How to process emotions
  • How to identify if your heart is open or closed
  • Potential roadblocks on your journey to an open heart
  • A daily practice to connect to yourself and raise your vibration
  • Introductory mystical teachings on the heart center and subtle energies
  • Guided heart activation
The price for this digital course is $22.

Preparing For Your Plant Medicine Experience

With Rachel Baker

This information and guidance packed course gives you all you need to know about how to heal your deepest wounds so that you can utilize your plant medicine experience to its highest benefit.

Many people don't know how much power they have and don't know how they can use it with the help of the plant medicines.

Certified Mystical Coach of Oneness™, Rachel Baker teaches you how to prepare your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies in order to let the guidance of the medicines in and let the energy flow.

  • Week 1: Starting your inventory and dropping away from the mind's chatter
  • Week 2: Tracking your triggers, growing your heart's light, and items to consider for dieta
  • Week 3: Tracking mental programs
  • Week 4: How do you feel in your body and what emotions are you experiencing when you are triggered?
  • Week 5: Behavior programs and age wounds
  • Week 6: Purging, Comfort, and Ethics
  • Week 7: Dark energies and the importance of breath
  • Week 8: Dieta, Icaros, and asking questions
  • Integration of the plant medicine's lessons
  • Coaches Panels and Other Supplemental Videos
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