HEALING Sessions

If you’re ready to do a deep dive to transform as much as possible in one single session, then you’ve come to the right place. You will be guided by a highly trained professional during your healing session and you have two options to choose from below.

60-Minute Intensive: Spiritual-Healing Session
with Mystic, Rachel Fiori

Rachel Fiori is a celebrated psychic, mystical healer, and gifted coach who has dedicated her life to unlocking the fullest potential of her clients around the globe.

Rachel is currently the only Mystic in the world who works with, teaches, and uses the Ways of Oneness™ as transformational-healing modalities.

With a unique ability to facilitate deep, transformative healing on the soul level, Rachel's psychic insights and guidance offer a direct, no-nonsense roadmap for liberation and oneness consciousness.Rachel has the ability to access the programs, patterns, and unhealed wounds that have been holding you back, keeping you stuck, and perpetuating suffering.

Once accessed and brought to the surface, this "Mystical Surgeon" weaves in the vibrational frequencies of The Universal Ways of Oneness. She then anchors in and activates these enlightened frequencies into your energy centers and subtle energy bodies, creating an energetic field of consciousness that continues to heal you for three full weeks after the session.

Each session is customized and personalized to your individual healing needs.

Post-care instructions, which are unique to each individual, are provided so you can continue to integrate the healing long after your session with Rachel ends.

healing session

Shadow Blueprint Healing

Are you stuck in a pattern that you’ve struggled to get out of? Do you see the same conflict, argument, scarcity, or lack of movement no matter what you do to try to change your circumstances?

Why we get stuck in the same patterns is because we’re not taught how to connect the dots from the surface level circumstances to the energetic programs running, to the inner child, to the core wound.

That’s what a Shadow Blueprint Session does.

Our highly trained and Certified Mystical Coaches of Oneness™ guide you through an energetic process to connect the dots to the very creation of the core wound that continues to wreak havoc on your life. Once this core wound is discovered, you are guided through the energetic process to transform that “wound” into a vibrational frequency of love, abundance, and validation until the wound dissolves.

Jump into a session and discover the transformative power of this process for yourself!


Want the absolute best results?

Get a mystical healing session, and then follow up with a three month, one-on-one coaching program with one of our Certified Mystical Coaches of Oneness™. The coaching programs offered at Masters of Self University teach you step-by-step how to see all aspects of your unhealed 'stuff' that makes up your shadow self, as well as exactly how to transform every part of it.

Anyone lucky enough to experience one of these sessions will be forever changed because of it.

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