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Subtle Energy Bodies & Their Impact On Your Ability To Heal

Subtle Energy Bodies, Psychoenergetics, vibrational medicine, Energetic Healing

Rachel Fiori explains that our physical body is made up of frozen light and has energy fields around it, which influence our mental and emotional well-being. These energy fields, including the mental body, astral field, and etheric body, have different vibrational frequencies that affect our personality, fears, and reality. Rachel introduces the concept of psychoenergetics and vibrational medicine, which involve working with these energy fields to transform and alchemize our mental and emotional programs, leading to true and permanent healing. This approach is essential for addressing the root causes of our suffering and achieving spiritual growth. By working with a professional educated in psychoenergetics and vibrational medicine, we can transform and alchemize our mental and emotional programs, leading to a life of true freedom and joy. Rachel invites listeners to seek out a free consultation with one of her certified mystical life coaches to begin their healing journey.


Bringing Humanity Back to Love

Psychic Healer, Divine Feminine, Divine MASCULINE, Masters of Self University, Subtle Energies

Rachel Fiori, spiritual teacher and psychic healer, discusses her journey of self-discovery and the development of her profound abilities. She emphasizes the importance of self-work and heart-centered awareness in becoming a true healer.  Fiori explains that she channels wisdom from higher dimensions and translates it into understandable language for her students.  She also stresses the need to transcend lower energies through love and acceptance, allowing for greater spiritual expansion and the manifestation of one's true gifts.  Rachel believes that true healing is permanent and transformative, achieved through the alchemization of one's own energy, and that this process is essential for becoming a mystical life coach.


What does it really mean to love yourself?

Self-love, Inner child healing, Boundaries, Soul transformation, Spiritual growth

This episode of Masters of Self University dives deep into the concept of self-love, exploring its meaning, importance, and practical application. Rachel Fiori, spiritual teacher and healer, emphasizes that self-love is not a feeling but a state of being, characterized by setting boundaries, practicing self-care, and healing past wounds. The episode features a panel of co-hosts who share their personal experiences with self-love, highlighting the challenges and rewards of this journey, and emphasizing the transformative power of self-love in all aspects of life.


Going int0 the darkness

Shadow Self, Transmutation, Spiritual Warrior, Emotional Freedom, Self-Empowerment

The podcast explores the interconnectedness of the micro and macro, explaining that our individual choices and actions have a ripple effect on the collective. The speakers encourage listeners to transmute negativity and judgment into love and compassion, recognizing the woundedness behind others' actions. They emphasize that true healing requires a willingness to confront and love the darkness within ourselves, and that this process is not a quick fix but a journey of self-discovery and transformation. The episode highlights the importance of becoming a spiritual warrior who embraces the darkness and uses their inner light to illuminate and heal it. The speakers address the fear of darkness and explain that it stems from living in fear and unconsciousness. They encourage listeners to embrace the darkness as a catalyst for growth and transformation. The podcast also addresses the misconception that lightworkers only focus on the light, emphasizing that true light work involves confronting and illuminating the darkness within.


The Power of Healing from the Heart

Shadow work, Heart-centered Healing, Self-Love, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Trauma Healing

Danny Morley, a student in the Mystical Life Coach Certification program at Masters of Self University, shares his personal journey of healing from depression and discovering the power of self-love. He describes the program's emphasis on connecting with one's heart and embracing all aspects of oneself, including lower vibrations. Danny highlights the transformative experience of learning to love and accept his own depression, leading to a complete dissolution of the feeling. He also discusses the challenges of maintaining a positive frequency while working in environments that lack light and the importance of self-compassion in the healing process. The episode emphasizes the program's focus on practical spirituality and its ability to help individuals unravel their survival selves to reveal their true selves. Danny also shares his experience of discovering he is a highly sensitive person (HSP) and how the program's teachings on trauma healing have empowered him to help others. He emphasizes that the program's unique approach focuses on healing oneself first before attempting to heal others, ensuring that coaches are equipped with the necessary tools and understanding to guide their clients effectively.


Loving yourself vs. loving others

Radical self-love, Authenticity, Self-awareness, Empowerment

Radical self-love is portrayed as a gateway to personal empowerment and freedom, challenging individuals to confront their innermost selves. The narrative highlights the pitfalls of codependency and the importance of self-acceptance in fostering authentic relationships. It underscores the power of embracing vulnerability and healing as catalysts for inner transformation and self-discovery. The text offers practical insights into managing energy as a highly sensitive person and discerning between personal and external emotions. It concludes by emphasizing the journey of radical self-love as a path to authenticity, empowerment, and fulfillment. By embracing radical self-love, individuals can transcend the limitations of their ego and tap into their true potential.


The abandonment wound

Alchemist, Abandonment Wound, Inner Work, Soul Transformation

Tony, a guest on the Masters of Self University podcast, shares his personal journey of healing from an abandonment wound. He reveals how he initially sought solace in external validation and numbing behaviors to cope with breakups, but eventually realized the root of his suffering was a deeper wound. Through the Masters of Self University program, Tony learned to embrace his pain, connect with his heart, and access unconditional love within himself. This transformation has empowered him to support others in their own healing journeys. Tony emphasizes the importance of loving one's pain and transforming it into power, highlighting the transformative nature of the Masters of Self University program.


Toxic masculinity and narcissism

Toxic masculinity, Narcissism, Divine masculine, Vulnerability in men

Exploring the intersection of toxic masculinity and narcissism, the video offers insights into the journey of self-discovery and relationship healing. The guest speaker's narrative underscores the importance of confronting deep-seated patterns and behaviors rooted in societal norms and personal experiences. By embracing vulnerability and self-reflection, individuals can transcend toxic traits and cultivate conscious partnerships based on empathy and understanding. The conversation delves into the complexities of emotional growth, highlighting the need for men to reclaim their authentic selves and create spaces of non-judgmental support and compassion. Through a process of self-mastery and emotional intelligence, individuals can navigate the complexities of toxic masculinity and narcissism with grace and empathy.

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Ego Death

Ego Death, Spiritual Awakening, Shadow Work, Lionsgate Portal

Ellie Lee and Danny Morley, hosts of the "Masters of Self University" podcast, share their personal experiences with "ego death," a process of shedding old identities and embracing their true selves. They describe their journey through intense emotional and physical turmoil, highlighting the challenges of letting go of old patterns and embracing their sensitivities. The video emphasizes the importance of self-love, honoring one's sensitivities, and surrendering to the process of transformation. They discuss the importance of recognizing and honoring the programs that keep us stuck in old patterns and the need to move through pain with love and grace. The hosts also emphasize the importance of finding support and understanding from others who are also on a journey of self-discovery. They highlight the importance of patience and the understanding that healing is a process, not a destination.


Coming Back to Self

Masters of Self University, Spiritual Awakening, Core Wounds, Ascension, Conscious Living

Ellie Lee, a Korean-American actress, shares her journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. After years of struggling with anxiety, depression, and feeling lost in Hollywood, she found solace in inner work and spiritual practices. Ellie discovered the power of self-love and healing her core wounds, leading her to Masters of Self University, where she found guidance and a deeper understanding of her spiritual self. Ellie emphasizes the importance of embracing one's pain as a teacher and the transformative power of connecting with the divine feminine energy. She highlights the program's focus on self-healing and the importance of mastering one's own inner world. Ellie also discusses the concept of ascension and how healing one's wounds can raise one's frequency, attracting like-minded individuals and creating a more fulfilling life.


Oneness: Divine souls having a human experience

Forgiveness, Victim Consciousness, Spiritual Bypassing, Soul Healing,

In a world often obsessed with quick fixes and superficial solutions, the concept of forgiveness can be easily misconstrued. We're told to simply forgive and forget, but what happens when the pain runs deeper than surface-level apologies? Spiritual teacher Rachel Fiori challenges the conventional understanding of forgiveness, revealing a profound path to true healing. Rachel argues that true forgiveness isn't about overlooking or dismissing the pain we've experienced. Instead, it's about honoring and loving those wounds until they dissolve.


The dichotomy of love

Womb Healing, Inner Child Work, Emotional Maturity, Trauma Healing

In a world that often encourages us to suppress our pain and chase after fleeting happiness, Masters of Self University offers a powerful alternative: embracing the darkness as a path to profound transformation. In this episode, hosts Ellie and Danny share their personal journeys of facing deep emotional wounds and learning to love them. Ellie recounts a particularly intense coaching session where she was triggered by a seemingly simple insecurity, leading her to confront a deep abandonment wound. She describes the overwhelming desire to love the pain and the realization that she had the tools to heal it. This experience highlights the importance of recognizing and addressing emotional programs that keep us stuck, often stemming from past traumas.