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Masters of self University is a mystical Teaching Institution of Oneness consciousness

At MSU we help you become the change you wish to see in your life, your relationships, AND the world.

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Symptoms of Oneness Consciousness vs. Separation Consciousness

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Oneness Consciousness

Separation Consciousness

Poor Mental Health
Domsestic Violence
Destruction of the Environment
Powerful life force Energy
Excitement for less
Poor Physical Health
Fully healed
Inspired Living
Loving Connections
Powerful Life Force Energy
CEO of Masters of Self University
| Mystical Teacher of Oneness Consciousness | Speaker
| #1 International Bestselling Author| Mystical Healer
(AKA "Mystical Surgeon")


Hello beautiful soul, I'm Rachel Fiori

I'm honored to lead individuals into becoming the enlightened versions of themselves through the teachings of Oneness Consciousness.  My own personal journey of becoming each and every Way of Oneness led me to channeling the #1 international bestseller “Mason’s Way: The 20 Universal Ways of Oneness Taught by the Spirit of an Enlightened Dog”. This sacred text, along with being a mystic, and with over 25 years of experience in mental, emotional, & behavioral health, allows me to help others unlock the internal divine power that each person holds inside. Your divine nature along with the vibrational frequencies of The Ways, not only dissolves all forms of suffering but lays the foundation to the creation of the New Earth.  This is my personal invitation to you to join MSU and explore the initiate’s path to becoming a being of Oneness Consciousness. This elevation in consciousness allows one to experience true healing, liberation and gives you the power to co-create heaven on earth.  Join us in Oneness so we can transform this world. . .together.

Hear What People Are Saying:

"This is self-mastery of the soul.'s just NEXT LEVEL. This IS the way of Oneness in action. The Spirituality of expansion and contrast is what people require to truly evolve in their soul - this is what you need.

Honestly, I think this is the most profound thing I've heard in wellness."
Jay Campbell

Bestselling Author, Podcaster, Biohacker

“ Rachel Fiori's teachings are MAGICAL.

If you want to heal from Trauma, you want to excel your growth in your career, you want to have longevity, you want to improve, your health, your sleep... what she is teaching will impact all aspects of your life.”
Vanna Van Oss

Event Coordinator, Blue Sparrow Events

“After talk therapy for over 9 years, meditation, reading hundreds of self help books and working with healers and therapists across the world, even a dozen plant medicine
ceremonies... If you’re willing to do the real work, this program will change your life, guaranteed.”
Josh Trent

Wellness Force Podcast

“It was really painful and I cried a lot. I broke down several times. But it was like, YESS, I want more of this. 

This work has changed everything for me. This transformation of - this is me. I CAN change, I can be the version of myself that is divine. It's just work, I have the tools I just have to do the work. It's in that doing that now I start to feel like...I LIKE me, I like this transformed me..”
Akende Munalula

Actor, Writer. Producer

/Sara's Note

The Return with the Elixir:

Empower Others – Step into Your Role as a Mystical Life Coach

Embark on a transformative journey as a certified Mystical Life Coach, guiding others to unearth their inner strength and power.

The Ordeal:

The Warrior's Path

This voyage from darkness to light doesn't shy away from the shadows. Instead, it embraces and illuminates them, leading to profound transformation.

Approach to the Inmost Cave:

From Enslavement to Liberation

Freedom isn't bestowed—it's reclaimed. True freedom springs from our divine sovereignty and power. Reignite the fire within.

Tests, Allies, Enemies:

Advocating Wholeness and Oneness

The path of learning isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's about understanding our innate interconnectedness and embracing every aspect of our being, leading us towards a state of wholeness and unity. When we are a stand for interconnection, we change lives. We change worlds.

Crossing the First Threshold

The Ethos of a Divine Warrior

A Divine Warrior champions their beliefs with heart and conviction. They recognize that true change starts within, facing and healing their own wounds to pave the way for global healing - for Oneness.

Refusal of the Call / Meeting with the Mentor:

The Challenge of Separation Consciousness

Our level of consciousness is the crux. Detachment and separation weakens our capacity for change. Facing shadows is essential for healing. This path demands confronting the seen and unseen facets of our darker selves and lives.

The Call to Adventure:

Awaken to Oneness – The Call to Transcend

True change demands recognizing our interconnectedness. We've been conditioned to see division – between each other, nature, and our innate divinity. Embracing Oneness Consciousness means shedding the veils of separation, bringing every aspect of our being into the light, liberating us from the things that hold us back and down.

The Ordinary World:

Embrace Your Inner Radiance – Discover the Strength Within

Why Embrace Your Inner Radiance? Unveiling your inner strength isn't just about personal liberation—it's about dismantling the misconceptions that have held us all back. We dismantle the narratives that have confined us and liberate others along our journey

The Universal Ways of Oneness™ that form the foundation of and govern enlightened societies.

It energetically promotes healing at the soul level as well as integrates Oneness into each person’s energetic fields and beingness rather than just being a concept that people read about. This book isn’t about gaining knowledge. It’s about integrating and becoming the very Ways that manifest enlightenment in individuals, societies, and the world.

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