As a channel for Sacred Wisdom, Rachel is also the founder & CEO of Masters of Self University. With a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, (specializing in mental, emotional, & behavioral health), a BA in Business/Corporate Communications, and through the use of her psychic abilities of spiritual healing and vibrational medicine, Rachel has been healing clients at the soul level for over 25 years.


  • CEO of Masters of Self University
  • Mystical Teacher of Oneness Consciousness
  • Speaker
  • #1 International Bestselling Author
  • Mystical Healer (AKA "Mystical Surgeon")

Rachel's methods & reputation are unprecedented. She is the key to opening people’s multidimensional, enlightened consciousness, that stems from Oneness. She does this through using The Universal Ways of Oneness™ that the Universe has gifted to Rachel to activate Oneness Consciousness within humans.

These are also The Ways that can activate the healing process in people that conventional medicine claims "there is no cure for".


Elite Coaching for High-Profile People

Whether you’ve suddenly been thrust into the limelight or have been in the industry for a lifetime, the demands of working in Hollywood or as a high profile person can take its toll on anyone. It can be easy to forget that those that are admired on screen are in fact, human.


Mystical Healing Sessions

Get to the root/core of your patterns and programs.

A life changing, intensive, psychic, mystical-healing session with Rachel Fiori. This special one-on-one opportunity is offered to those wanting real healing now with Mystic, Rachel Fiori