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MSU Podcast

The Masters of Self University PODCAST is your highest source of Sacred Truth and Universal Wisdom, offered by Rachel Fiori, spiritual leader, psychoenergetic-healer, & CEO of MSU.

Join our journey of soul transformation with hosts Ellie Lee, Danny Morley, and the rest of our amazing Certified Mystical Coaches of Oneness™.

#1 International Bestselling Book

Mason's Way

The book that started it all. . .Mason’s Way is a book revealing the 20 Universal Ways of Oneness™, guiding humanity to a New Golden Age of Harmony. Through channeled wisdom from Mystical Teacher of Oneness™ Rachel Fiori, each teaching embodies enlightenment characteristics inspired by the life and passing of Mason, a special dog. These 20 spiritual decrees empower you to elevate consciousness, liberate the mind, and embark on a transformative journey towards awakened enlightenment. Mason’s Way illuminates the path to spiritual awakening.


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