MSU Mission Statement &
Code of Conduct

At Masters of Self University it is our mission to awaken and connect people to their internal, divine power and elevate humanity to the level of Oneness Consciousness. 

MSU is committed to providing enlightened education based on The 20 Universal Ways of Oneness™, to help humanity break free from a system of inequality and enslavement, and elevate to sovereign beings who live in freedom. 

These Ways of Oneness™ are the highest level of enlightenment humans can achieve, and are the standards that we hold ourselves to. The more that we all unite together in Oneness, the more that we will all heal ourselves, all the beings that we share this planet with, as well as earth herself.

“Neither healing yourself or changing this world are passive processes. It takes effort, devotion, consistency, and oftentimes tears. You must be willing to become a spiritual warrior.”
CEO & Founder | Masters of Self University
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Our commitment to ourselves and to every person or group we work with is to show up as:

  1. The Way of Responsibility for our own, individual healing and to guide others through theirs.
  2. The Way of Patience through the transformation process for ourselves and others. 
  3. The Way of Surrender to ‘what is’ so we can powerfully change what needs to be changed.
  4. The Way of Truth because true healing can only be activated from the vibrational frequency of Truth itself.
  5. The Way of Presence because this is the divine spaciousness that allows one to understand another’s pain, perspective, and hardships.
  6. The Way of Connection so that we only connect to other beings by way of our divine souls and never from programs, wounds or ego.
  7. The Way of Compassion that our pain needs from us as this is the energy frequency that validates and acknowledges.
  8. The Way of Harmlessness & Gentleness to provide emotional safety to heal traumas in humans, animals, and all beings.
  9. The Way of Equality as we are all One; come from the same source consciousness; as this is the frequency that transforms sexism, racism, and speciesism.
  10. The Way of Trust as this is divine self-empowerment. Trust is about trusting in oneself to handle anything life or another throws at you with Grace and the ability to nurture and heal oneself through challenges and traumas.
  11. The Way of Honoring in order to humbly embrace one’s own pain so we can skillfully embrace another’s with no judgment or criticism or forced suppression.
  12. The Way of Selfless Service as it means to focus on your own healing and your own continuous growth because this is the only true way to never project your unloving programs and wounding onto others.
  13. The Way of Loyalty which means living in a constant state of learning, being teachable, being loyal to oneself, and to one’s soul. To break the cycle of ego and emotional and spiritual unconsciousness. To devote ourselves to our soul’s growth and the realigning of our human self with our Divine self until they merge in unity with one another.
  14. The Way of Unconditional Love which is a way of being and not a feeling or emotion. This means to devote oneself to fully understanding how to remove all blocks and conditions that prevent the experience of divine love in all situations.
  15. The Way of Humility because it requires a divine level of confidence to be humble, and to discern between being humble and being passive and submissive.
  16. The Way of Integrity because it means that we are reliable and dependable. It means to show honesty and transparency 100% of the time. We know that when we show up with Integrity we are truly in alignment with our souls.
  17. The Way of Purity because this means being divinely expansive. It means the power of Divine Light flows through us. In order for the Light to flow through and integrate with one’s Beingness, we must actively clean, clear, and cleanse our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies on a regular basis. This is our commitment to ourselves as well as to every person we work with.
  18. The Way of Wisdom as this allows us not to be biased or show personal preferences based on opinions, knowledge, or misteachings. This is what allows us to connect directly with the Universe that teaches from an energy that is free from ego.
  19. The Way of Harmony as this is the act of embracing and integrating all of The Ways of Oneness, of living The Ways in our everyday lives, throughout our lifetime, and having no more willingness to show up as anything less than those Ways.