Mystical Coaching of Oneness™ Programs

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Group Coaching:

The Power Within teaches the art of self-awareness of mental, emotional, behavioral, & inner child programs while being guided through self-realization.With continued practice and application in everyday life, this course has the capacity to change every aspect of the way life is lived.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Clients come to us when they’ve tried “everything else” and when they’re ready to commit to healing at the soul level.

Any and every aspect of your "Shadow Self" is what blocks you from achieving success, true happiness, love, a sacred relationship with your partner, prosperity, or fulfilling your purpose.

Finally break out of the patterns & programs that prevent you from fully healing.

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Relationship Coaching

END the cycles of defensiveness, attack, avoidance, & escapism

Heal the negative affects of broken promises & shattered trust

Heal old wounds & traumas triggered in your relationship

NEVER fight again

Be seen, heard, & validated

Create & deepen your emotional bond with one another

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Highly-Sensitive Person (HSP) Coaching

WHAT IS AN HSP? Did you know that 1 in 5 humans are highly sensitive? HSP's experience and process everything much more intensely than the average person. Their nervous systems are more reactive and are easily overloaded by various stimuli, including emotions of their own and others, social situations, and sensory stimulation like touch, sound, taste and smell.

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We intuitively understand that the journey of elevating to higher levels of consciousness cannot be accomplished within a finite timeline. We also know that true mystical experiences tend to be cultivated over an extended period of deep devotion to the work. We at Masters of Self University are here to support you on your healing and mystical journey into Oneness.

So let’s keep going . . . together!

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Elite Coaching for High-Profile People

Whether you’ve suddenly been thrust into the limelight or have been in the industry for a lifetime, the demands of working in Hollywood or as a high profile person can take its toll on anyone. It can be easy to forget that those that are admired on screen are in fact, human.

You have normal human emotions. You experience trauma like any other person. You live through stress and the hardships of life and relationships like anyone else. The difference is that you’re forced to do it while everyone is watching your every move. The invasion of privacy alone can be daunting. And the lack of mental and emotional support to handle what comes with fame is more than evident.

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